Sunday, August 9, 2015


Have you ever thought of change being a root course of any development in your life? Of course it goes further to family and national level. As I was trying to think of development today, it came in my mind that if I will keep doing things the same way everyday it is very obvious that, I will keep getting the same results every day. I just want to believe that, what I am suggesting here is very logical. So the day I am going to change my way is when development will happen and I will experience new results.

But again, if change determine new results then it depends on the type of change I am going to undertake, if they are negative change it means I will experience new but negative results, the opposite is true and for me development comes out of positive change. So, we are always supposed to think of changing our way of life so we develop but the change we make should be determined by our vision i.e. what we intend to achieve at the end.

If that is logic,

Then the purpose I and you were born is to change the world. Changing it in a positive way so it makes your own life easier and favorable to everyone around you. I am very convinced that you are where you are now because you had been changing the way you do your things time to time. One can have poor development or big development depending on his/her speed of changing but not in a destructive manner. I think one of the critical factors for development is having constant positive change in life.

Do I deserve challenges in life?

If and only if you believe in change for development then the whole process must be tested now and then to improve your competence in undertaking the process of change and abiding to the critical factors which will materialize the result you intend out of it. Challenges are signals to tell you what you are supposed to do beyond what you are doing so that you achieve at maximum. It is obvious that without them you will keep doing the same way and same things hence get the same results.

Therefore we absolutely need to be very positive with any challenge we face in life, we need to take an advantage of them so we get a reason to change and develop more. It is like examinations during your schools time, they were challenges in a different name, they made you know how and what you should learn for next examination to pass. In life challenges play exactly the same role examinations played as you were in school. Let me ask you a question, hadn't be examinations, would you have been mentioned as a successful student at the end? Of course not, the same to life, without overcoming challenges you will ever be mentioned as a successful person.

Now you must understanding that…

You were born to change for you to get the life you want, denying to change is denying the success you want in life, is also creating your poverty assurance. I know most people are not comfortable with new changes because they are comfortable with their prevailing way of life. But since you real want a better life then you just need to believe that you were born to change and you must be positive with any change you are demanded to undertake so you succeed.

Remember you were born to change, make this your philosophy so you have positive attitude towards it. All the best.

By Erick Chrispin

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


As a little child my parents tell me I loved to stand out in the crowd, I wasn't scared of anything or anyone around me, I just wanted to be ME and do my own stuff as I please. I never wanted anyone to disturb me when I was doing my chores like cleaning my room, washing my school uniforms and other activities since I wanted to focus on my activities.

My dad, tells me when he had an opportunity to travel at my grandmother’s home in Mbeya, he would take me with him in a train without my mother (due to her tight schedule back then as a bank clerk), and we would travel alone in a journey of 1000 Miles in a train. He told me people who traveled with us in the same train cabin loved me a lot because I entertained them, how?? Whenever, I felt there was total quietness and calmness in the train, I would just stand up and start singing to these passengers that I never knew off, and the whole cabin would clap, smile and sing along with me in my childish songs. My job was to entertain and bring a live spirit in the train cabin until when I get tired then fall asleep in my father’s arms.

As I continued to grow up, I found myself being elected as a leader in many occasions not because I was smart than the rest of the kids in class No, but it was because I had a zeal, urge to try something new every time I had an opportunity wherever I went, that created a leadership spirit in me from my baby class to the present be it in church, school, or work place, I have had always a position to hold even if it was just being a group leader. This came as a result of my “daring attitude and self-confidence”.

This attitude has taken me to places, and I have met people and shake the hands of those I never thought I would in my life time.

So, do you have that daring attitude and self-confidence?

Many a times golden opportunities pass us by, because we are too scared to try or we even do not trust ourselves if we can make it. Ask yourself, how many times there was an opportunity presented to you in different ways that could make you move to another level, but you turned it down because you were too scared to go out of your comfort zone and try it out?? How about that work opportunity in marketing, customer care, preaching, dancing, recording, modeling, inspiring others, training to mention but a few you just turned them down??
Have you ever asked yourself, where would you be if it weren't for your self-pity and lack of confidence had they not hold you back?

Look, success comes to those who are willing to shake it all off their shoulders, come out in public to the World and tell themselves and the World that they can do it.  I have started a range of different businesses since back in college; I have had my fair share of failures along the way, but guess what?? I have never tried to quit, because to me failure is rather a learning experience than a self-pity and drawback. I have been able to rise again and start all over or change the plan if need be, and every day I look at the mirror and tell myself “Ruth, you can make it, because you are a great person, and great woman, you are a fighter”. These words have never disappointed me at any point since when I started talking to myself, they have become part of me and that is who I am and continues to be.

When one is set out to do something,

he/she must not get weary at the beginning. Yes, the journey is going to be tough with lots of crooked paths, but who ever said success comes easily?? Success is a long journey I call it adventurous, because I am still on my way to success I have not reached where I want to. Success requires a person who;

  • Never gives up on his/her dreams and visions despite on many failures that may come up along the way.
  • A person who will be self-motivated and focused to achieve that which he/she desires.
  • A person who has a good sense of judgment over issues that are happening around his environment especially those that might have some effect on his/her visions/dreams
  • A person who will listen to different advice from mentors/friends/family but at the end of the day be able to pick on the most valid advice (according to his/her perception) and be able to go through with his plans. This is crucial, do not make decisions based on someone’s else opinions if you see it won’t work for you, this will save you from blaming other people in case things turns out differently. Decide because you believe it in your heart that it’s going to work.
  • A person who is patient in whatever is doing. Success does not require a person who is impatient. WHY? Because success is a process, it needs a person who will be able to take it one day at a time, endure the rough roads on the way.

A lot of people think that success can come so easily when one is connected to highly influenced people in the society. It is not true. Those connections that one intends to build so that he can make things easier, will only open up for more challenges since you won’t be alone seeking the connections of such people.  I am not saying it is bad to seek connections; it is very good in fact I do that every day when I meet someone new with an influence in the society. What I am trying to communicate here is that, one should never think that the connections he/she creates will guarantee quick success, in fact he should prepare for more battles on the way to success, because success requires hard work and persistence. Because even the people you think they will grant you success that easily, would want to see you work hard without giving up, that’s the hurting truth ya’ll need to know, because success is a journey you ought to travel and not a spoon feeding experience.

You can be whatever you want to be...

You can be whatever you want to be, just get out of that “comfort zone” you are in, tell yourself I can do it no matter the challenges that I may have to encounter. Surround yourself with people who will inspire you and hold your hand to the end and don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams if they have never walked through that journey, and even if they have walked through it, keep in mind their tests won’t be your tests. Have the power to make right choices because CHOICE IS POWER and lack of it makes you powerless and blown by every wind that comes through.

Stand UP and Stand Out from the crowd, because you are already successful by the fact that you have dared to materialize your dream!

Written By: Ruth E. Kallonga
Mobile: +255 756 705084

Sunday, February 15, 2015


A human being will always live according to what he/she know, his/her knowledge is the determinant of his behavior and in case you do know, your behavior is nothing rather than your repeated and experienced actions you practice most of the time. Let me ask you a simple question; are you comfortable doing something you don't know? I bet you are not. This only proves my above statement that you will always live according to what you know.

But for the sake of our personal development we must take some steps to start living what we actually don't know, and for us to have confidence doing it we just need a BELIEF that we are beyond what we know. This belief will trigger us to find knowledge of what we don't know so that we can be able to do it and change ourselves and life in general.

Today I was in my meditation session, in case you don't know the concept of meditation; this is a process of deepening your thoughts level for you to discover the inner you who controls everything outside you. Back to my session I could see how everything outside me is so minimal to control and command. I am above my body size, above my health, above my finance, above the world and fear is actually nothing before me, I couldn't even see it around. This is to say I am the highest power above my life and I can command whatever I want outside me.

Meditation itself can maximize your confidence to do whatever you desire for it reveals your power and authority you have beyond what you know, it is the inner you. You will be able to discover that you are the spirit which is living within your body and it is bigger in power by far than your body. That is you and you can command your body to be the way you want it to be and your body will obviously respond and respect your command.

Doing beyond what you know

It is easy, for you to do it successfully take some steps of learning about it and practicing the knowledge you have got. Without practicing it there is no doing. That is why most of theory based students can’t do what they have learnt. Learn and don’t wait to do it and for you to be competent do it again and again for the repetition creates a behavior and the behavior becomes you.


Your development is always; living beyond what you know, always be creative by being curious to know new things through learning by doing, I mean practicing the new things you always learn. Learning is in reading books, evaluating your daily routines and drawing lessons out of, listening to other people’s new experience etc. take an advantage of all these ways and leverage your inner power and potential to change your life and do beyond what you know.

This is what I have for you today.

All the best!

From Erick Chrispin.  

“I dedicate this article to my brother Nicodemus Kilungeja”