Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have been telling many people in my seminars that your mind the main engine of how your body function is always work under your command. And your command is the decision you make which affects the way you behave in totality. 

For instance if you decide that you are not going to put effort at work anymore,  your mind will receive that decision as command and start implementing it immediately as you will start receiving a lot of ideas and opinions in your mind on why you do have to put off effort at work. Your will start hearing sounds in your mind like; you are not capable of doing this, by the way putting more effort you are benefiting other people not you, you will get more tired etc.

This happens the same when you decide the other way round. If you say I will start working more harder at work, your mind will receive it as a command and start implementing immediately by giving you ideas on how you can manage to work hard. This is to say your life is your command.

Giving up as a command.

Giving up is accepting to fail on something is a decision you make that you have failed. Some people become more desperate until they give up their life, i.e. they decide and accept that there is nothing they can do in life to survive, they see their life valueless, and they see no any alternative for them to get anything they want in life, what they see is only death and loss of everything. They even wish something could happen to kill them so that they disappear. These kind of people can easily commit suicide and commit any kind of crime for whatever happens in their life doesn't bring pain instead pushing them into their planned destine which is death.

And all these happens a moment you decide that you are a looser and you cannot do anything to overcome challenges and make your life better. Most people think that way after they have faced some great challenges which make them feel rejected in their society. Unfortunately after giving up they will have to find food to eat so they will steal even from their wives, husbands or relatives and friends. They will rob people in street and take money to buy food; they will easily use drugs to stress-out themselves and some of them with late treatment will mentally become affected while some of them will easily get insomnia and die. All these are an outcome of just giving up as a command to your mind.
In a recent competitive world youths are the one who are much affected by giving up affections. Especially in urban areas where everything must be creative to survive, those who are not, end up giving up in their life and get affected by its results.

What can be a solution to this?

If you have also given up and suffer from its results, you just have to change the way you interpret the meaning of your life, the way you perceive your life, what does challenges in life mean to you? If they mean something not to face in life, that is why you give up but if they mean something to overcome so that you move forward to your goal and dream then you won’t give up.

You just have to clearly understand that you were born to overcome and confront challenges ahead of you for you to survive that is it and that is your main business in life. Life is either you are controlled by nature or you control nature, and if you wait to be controlled by nature you will be stressed, trying to overcome some natural barriers to life is what is work and production which is your business in life and there is where the true meaning of your life comes from.

It takes your thinking and creativity to come up with an alternative to solve prevailing challenges in your life, putting actions through your thoughts and plans then see results which realize your success in life. The point here is that you do not have to give up instead keep pushing forward solving challenges you face until the end of your life and that is what life is.

If you have given up in your life, remember you are killing yourself slowly, stop that today and change your life perception to start producing through work, there you will gain a life you want.

All the best!
Erick Chrispin

Saturday, May 17, 2014


One among the things that make most of us not successful in our life is not being responsible for whatever takes our life where it is now. We had been programmed our mind to make other people responsible for our own life situation hence we become so disappointed and stressed whenever they do not fulfill our needs and expectations. And in reality people and systems never manage to fulfill everything we want from them. We must change and become full responsible of our own life if we want to be balanced and successful.

Being in control of your life is one among the natural laws of success which everyone need. You just need a sense of control of every sphere of your life to feel successful. Whenever another person or situation seem to control you is when you start feeling uncomfortable of your own life. One among the biggest factor which makes people out of control in their life is when they are not responsible of their own life. For instance if you think the government is responsible to give you everything then it is obvious that this government will control your life.

Because it is not in a position to offer you whatever you demand from it, expect it to setup a lot of laws and conditions which will control you not to embarrass it hence you won’t get your demand plus a lot of disappointment and stresses in your life. Therefore you won’t be successful this way.

This applies the same to those who give their parents responsibilities for their own life, some give their lovers, husbands and wives, doctors and teachers and they wonder why they never become successful the way they want through these people.

If you are responsible for your own health you won’t blame your doctor for not giving you the right medicine every time instead you will do whatever makes your health good before even going to a doctor, you will eat balanced diet, you will do physical body exercises, you will have positive attitude etc.

A responsible student won’t blame his/her teacher for not supplying enough handouts instead he/she will seek where these handouts are and read. You see! Irresponsibility is what drags many people behind to achieve their success in life. And a big sign of not being responsible is being a blamer every time and pointing fingers to someone or something every time.

You can change this irresponsibility cancer by:

Always saying, “I am responsible for this” whenever you face a challenge in your life. Repeat saying this many times until your mind opens up ideas on how you are going to handle the situation and succeed in life. At first it will sound awkward saying that while grinning your teeth but as you continue your muscles will start loosening up and you will feel released.

Benefits of being responsible:

You are going to kill all negative attitudes in your personality and become an always happier person. You will never become anger in your life, you will have a sense control in your life, you will love everyone and become loved by everyone hence your relationships will be wonderful. You will be more creative and peak performer at work plus life as whole and you will spiritually and healthily become fit and better. In general you will have an ultimate successful life.

Choose to be responsible of your own life now if you real want to become successful.

By Erick Chrispin

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Probably starting a business is one among your great dreams.

Are you also stacking to initiate a business or start business due to lack of opportunities? I have talked to many people who real want to start business but apart from lacking capital they end up saying they can’t easily see potential opportunities to start viable businesses. There are many also who have capital but they can’t see any opportunity to invest their money.

Today I want to share with you proven techniques you can use to easily see opportunities to pursue your dream of starting a business.

First of all you must understand that it takes your awareness on what is going on around you to be able to see opportunities to start a business. For opportunities is all about discovering a gap to fill with something missing. This means that if you can be able to detect a certain need in people’s life then you have already seen a gap and it will become an opportunity as you recognize and innovate a way to fill that gap or fulfill that need of people.

Discover your personal potential

For every human being is blessed with unique and potential ability or talent to live by, this means that your talent or career can determine your ability to discover potential business opportunities. Ask yourself this question: “I know I am having this talent or career, what need of people can it solve if is to apply it now? As soon as you finish asking yourself this question, your subconscious mind will start responding to you positively by opening up a lot of possibilities and opportunities which can be covered by your talent or career. Don’t waste time; start writing down what you hear from your mind for research shows that you will always loose memory of whatever hasn't been written in 37 seconds just after you get it in your mind.

A good thing is that from this process you are going to see a lot of opportunities, now be positive take advantage of them, choose that which you would love working on and start generating and planning on how it is going to work in the real world, think of how you are going to make people buy it from you and that will be your new business. Can we call this seeing an opportunity from within outward? Of course YES.

Develop a habit of learning different things

Do this small observation today, talk to three businessmen you know, I am promising you that you will wonder how they know a lot of different things which are going on in their society apart from their career and business they pursue. The fact is they usually take time to learn a lot of different things, from economic, social to political one. They read books, magazines and personal reflections which make them learn from self experience to outside source of insights.

Remember at the beginning I said it takes your awareness to recognize opportunities to start a business so if you will take time to involve yourself into learning different stuffs, don’t wonder seeing a lot of needs to be fulfilled around you and as you start thinking on how you are going to fulfill them by using business model then you got a business to do in your life.

Find solutions to social and people’s problems

Keep in mind that you will always sell your service or products to people, nothing else. If so, people are 100% ready to buy by any cost something which makes their life better and easy. If you will come up with a promising and innovative solution to people’s problems or challenges just around your context you are sure of making business out of it.

If this is too hard for you, make it simple by asking people what do they want which is missing around them. They may tell you, “we real miss a pharmacy shop nearby where we could easily buy medicine”, and don’t you think if you find capital and start a small pharmacy or of any size in that area people will buy? It is obvious you are going to do business out there. Keep on recognizing social problems and find solutions.

Volunteer into community activities

The truth is whenever there is people gathering is where you can hear a lot of ideas, issues, concerns etc. if you are dreaming to be a business man find a way you can be meeting groups of people several times and share different ideas. From sharing people will eventually tell you what they need which they can even buy. What else than bringing them that service? Naturally people tend to share a lot of information when they meet a group of people where they can freely talk.

It is hard for a person who doesn't have an idea of starting a business to take advantage of people’s random conversations and create an opportunity to start a business and vice versa is true. So if you one among those who want to start up a business start today to be involved into community activities just by volunteering. Volunteer in your church, mosque and community development projects. Just be within community gatherings which makes you feel happy being involved and I promise you that you are going to discover potential business opportunities right there.

Hope these insights are going to make it happen in your life; all the best!

 Erick Chrispin