Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Probably starting a business is one among your great dreams.

Are you also stacking to initiate a business or start business due to lack of opportunities? I have talked to many people who real want to start business but apart from lacking capital they end up saying they can’t easily see potential opportunities to start viable businesses. There are many also who have capital but they can’t see any opportunity to invest their money.

Today I want to share with you proven techniques you can use to easily see opportunities to pursue your dream of starting a business.

First of all you must understand that it takes your awareness on what is going on around you to be able to see opportunities to start a business. For opportunities is all about discovering a gap to fill with something missing. This means that if you can be able to detect a certain need in people’s life then you have already seen a gap and it will become an opportunity as you recognize and innovate a way to fill that gap or fulfill that need of people.

Discover your personal potential

For every human being is blessed with unique and potential ability or talent to live by, this means that your talent or career can determine your ability to discover potential business opportunities. Ask yourself this question: “I know I am having this talent or career, what need of people can it solve if is to apply it now? As soon as you finish asking yourself this question, your subconscious mind will start responding to you positively by opening up a lot of possibilities and opportunities which can be covered by your talent or career. Don’t waste time; start writing down what you hear from your mind for research shows that you will always loose memory of whatever hasn't been written in 37 seconds just after you get it in your mind.

A good thing is that from this process you are going to see a lot of opportunities, now be positive take advantage of them, choose that which you would love working on and start generating and planning on how it is going to work in the real world, think of how you are going to make people buy it from you and that will be your new business. Can we call this seeing an opportunity from within outward? Of course YES.

Develop a habit of learning different things

Do this small observation today, talk to three businessmen you know, I am promising you that you will wonder how they know a lot of different things which are going on in their society apart from their career and business they pursue. The fact is they usually take time to learn a lot of different things, from economic, social to political one. They read books, magazines and personal reflections which make them learn from self experience to outside source of insights.

Remember at the beginning I said it takes your awareness to recognize opportunities to start a business so if you will take time to involve yourself into learning different stuffs, don’t wonder seeing a lot of needs to be fulfilled around you and as you start thinking on how you are going to fulfill them by using business model then you got a business to do in your life.

Find solutions to social and people’s problems

Keep in mind that you will always sell your service or products to people, nothing else. If so, people are 100% ready to buy by any cost something which makes their life better and easy. If you will come up with a promising and innovative solution to people’s problems or challenges just around your context you are sure of making business out of it.

If this is too hard for you, make it simple by asking people what do they want which is missing around them. They may tell you, “we real miss a pharmacy shop nearby where we could easily buy medicine”, and don’t you think if you find capital and start a small pharmacy or of any size in that area people will buy? It is obvious you are going to do business out there. Keep on recognizing social problems and find solutions.

Volunteer into community activities

The truth is whenever there is people gathering is where you can hear a lot of ideas, issues, concerns etc. if you are dreaming to be a business man find a way you can be meeting groups of people several times and share different ideas. From sharing people will eventually tell you what they need which they can even buy. What else than bringing them that service? Naturally people tend to share a lot of information when they meet a group of people where they can freely talk.

It is hard for a person who doesn't have an idea of starting a business to take advantage of people’s random conversations and create an opportunity to start a business and vice versa is true. So if you one among those who want to start up a business start today to be involved into community activities just by volunteering. Volunteer in your church, mosque and community development projects. Just be within community gatherings which makes you feel happy being involved and I promise you that you are going to discover potential business opportunities right there.

Hope these insights are going to make it happen in your life; all the best!

 Erick Chrispin

Friday, March 7, 2014


Are you also facing a challenge of hating negative and critical feedback from other people?

This is a big challenge to most of us; without knowing, it makes us dormant in improving our life and we wonder why we are not succeeding like others.

This day I was reading a book written by Jack Canfield (The success principles) and he shared the way you can use negative and critical feedback to improve your life in different careers. I decided I should use such a technique in my seminar a day after where it gave me a number of constructive feedback which improved the way I have to run my seminars next time. And all these feedback were coming from my seminar participants.

1 up to 10 Rule

You can just ask this question to anybody; your staff members, boss, wife, children, friends, workmates or anyone you think would give you constructive feedback for improving yourself; “how many points are you giving me between 1 to 10 in for instance my business, training facilitation, my relation to you etc? The response should be any number let say 8. After that ask this person; what should I do so that you rate or give me 10? The response will be all the things you should improve and however those feedback will sound critical but they are those if you work on them you are sure to be improved in that specific area.

As I applied this technique in my seminar every participant rated me his/her own number. Some said 8 some 9 and some 10. Those who rated below 10 I started asking them about what should I do to get 10 and these were some of the constructive feedback I got:

§  I should reduce lectures and allow the participants work in groups
§  I should give them a break during the seminar simply because that day I didn't do that
§  I should use more games and role plays etc.

The fact is, that day I didn't apply most of these methods in my seminar due to some reasons but how if I didn't use this method to ask my participants? Then I couldn't know and remember the importance of these methods next time and my seminar couldn't be improved probably.

Some of them gave me 10 and my question to them was, “what should I do to maintain this 10 next time?” and this allowed them to tell me what I have to add in my seminar facilitation and I wrote down all these feedback from which I applied in the next seminar somewhere else hence I could feel improved.

Try out!

According to Jack Canfield and my trial, this method applies everywhere. You can even ask your wife or husband to rate you in terms of your relationship to him/her throughout past week and the response will be all the things that your partner would like you to change and improve in your relationship. What you have to do is being positive towards negative or critical feedback plus not defending yourself when someone gives you that negative feedback and instead thanking them for being ready and honest to share with you plus promising them to use their feedback improving yourself next time.

This will work as a kind of appreciation to them and it will make them free to share with you again next time and they may also be ready to do so without even asked by you in future hence you will be improving every time and become more successful.

I wish you the best in transforming your life into a successful one by taking an advantage of critical and negative feedback you get from other people.

By Erick Chrispin

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I know you have a brilliant idea and dream to achieve in your life. That is a dream from which if you truly achieve it then you are sure of a good life you want in your life but unfortunately you never act upon it so it shifts from being a dream to something concrete, to something material WHY?

Someone who was a good guy told you that; for you to achieve your dream and goals you must set a plan of action and write it on paper which is very true and important but still you are not acting upon that plan you set and your dream is dying WHY? You now feel guilty whenever you remember your dream and a voice speaks in your mind asking you to do it but you FEAR to start doing it, why do you fear?

Anyway, fear is natural, everyone have fear but for you to achieve your dreams you must do something to defeat your fear. Remember FEAR means, “False experience appearing real”, always you fear about things which hasn’t happened yet, you are just imagining that they will be that way while you haven’t yet seen them in the real world. Fear is just a negative imagination which you build within your mind which is actually not real. YOU CAN STOP THIS BEHAVIOUR FROM TODAY and start creating positive imaginations in your mind which will help you defeat your fear. Instead of imagining that people will laugh at you, now imagine that people are going to applause and need your service ever. When negative imaginations of fear keep on coming to you, you also have to keep on reflecting on your positive imagination until you win it.

Action is a powerful healing

Have you ever noticed in your life that as long as you hesitate and delay to put your idea and plans into action is when your fear of starting it grows more? This is true due to the fact that your mind has two voices speaks to you every time, let say voice A is always telling you, “this is possible just do this way and you are going to achieve” this voice keep on giving you creative ways you can employ to achieve your dream and idea. As an opposite, voice B is always telling you, “ this is impossible, if you do it you are sure of falling down and fail, never try it” this voice keep on giving you negative thought in a form of images on how you are not deserving to do and achieve your dreams. This is a false voice which if you do not indulge yourself in voice A it will keep on growing your fear until you quit your dream.

What are you supposed to do?

Simple! Make sure you are always positive, believe in possibility in everything and ACTION should take a lead in your life, don’t wait to act because whenever to do something in action, the results will inspire you, will give you a reason why you should continue doing without fearing, it will activate your voice A to keep on giving you more techniques and opportunities to expand your dream. Action will end up permanently killing your fear to start any dream and idea you have and this is how you can start.

Start acting now, don’t wait to put that idea into writing now, don’t wait to write an action plan of your idea now, please go and meet those people whom you think can help you today, start acting that is the only way you can confront and defeat a fear you have in you, you are right there at the success point only if you are going to start acting upon your dream from today.

All the best

By. Erick Chrispin